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Should Social Media be a Part of Your Strategy?

Yes more than ever! Pew Research found out that more than 74% of all internet user will engage in social media. Being Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and others, it is only getting bigger and bigger each day.

Of course, Facebook is by far the number one place but only short to Twitter, Google +, Pinterest or LinkedIn. So you want to be there, and if you are not using it the right way you will be missing in engaging with your customers, creating new buyers.
It is simple, when your client is looking at your business on Facebook they will decide how committed to your business you are. But do you show it? Have you updated your information? When was the last time you post something? Have you talked to your customer recently by responding to their messages? If your communication is stagnant or inexistence you customers will become absent because it translates into a perception of an absent inexistent customer service. And that is not a great experience you want to convey.

The social world is a moving world just like a real conversation, it changes, evolves and get bigger or deeper. So there is a lot of elements to help yourself establishing yourself on social sites. That can be time-consuming and bring business owner away from their current job and earn money.

So rather than speaking and wasting time on an ever-changing social media find someone to do it for you so you can go back to the core of your business. We have been traveling in the social space since the bing bang appeared. We will bring you in front of your customers with useful, interesting and a variety of post which will keep you relevant. On top of that, it will also spread your brand, which creates an online trust and authority.

Those conversations are the lead to new customers as your clients are spreading the word about how amazing your company is.
So yes, there is no doubt that you need social media. So the question is can you handle it? Click below for a custom quote.